Helllooooo, Hellllo, Hello!

Why I’m Excited…
I had an amazing experience today. I was a guest on Mocha Mobs, an internet radio show affiliated with DFWiradio.com.
The show comes on at 11:00 a.m., every Monday morning.
My daughter went with me because I wanted her be a part of this event, we were both excite. Not sure how much of that had to do with her not having to go to school. I know, I know, why would I let her miss school just to go with me to a radio interview?
Why I took Her…
My answer  (and I don’t mind sharing): I have been laboring and birthing this book for over a year, and the entire time she was right there. She has read and helped edit every chapter. She’s told me what makes her heart move, what makes her sad and what excites her. She has encouraged me when I felt like quitting. When I couldn’t see the end, she would say “Write mama.” And so I wrote.
I felt she deserved to experience this with me and I’m glad I chose to let her come.
Woot Woot…

Now that we have that cleared up,,,the Mocha Mobs are Off the Chain!!!!!
Imagine this, 3 Divas, 3 Mommy’s, 3 Strong Women, 3 Beautiful Souls…In 1 room!
And get this, none of them were Sadity..yeah, means the same thing as Fadity..lol…(Stuck up)
They all exuded acceptance and there was an abundance of openness to something different, something they hadn’t heard
of before. They all listened to me, Mrs. Toni, Mrs Pearl, and Mrs Cheryl. I felt happy and comfortable..It felt right..
I didn’t know exactly what to expect, so I was a little nervous…made a couple of mistakes, for instance I said my book was non-fiction when it is really fiction. I also made an incorrect reference to the Bible. Nothing too big but I noticed it after listening to the show once I got home. Oh yeah I listened to it!
Had to! I wanted to hear what I sounded like on the radio.lol..good times..great moments..amazing experiences!
So excited……still……..hope this feeling never goes away…
Just a Thought……