***Book Review*** for A River Moves Forward by Selena Haskins

One of the things I love most about reviewing books is the opportunity it affords me in sharing the range of emotions I go through while reading a book. As I’m reading, I never think about the reviewing aspect until I’m completely finished because I don’t want to misjudge someones work or jump to conclusions.

 I read A River Moves Forward about two weeks ago and I’m just now writing the review. This is due to several reasons. The most important being the fact that I wasn’t sure how to approach this review, I didn’t know where to start or how it would end.

 I have a confession to make…no this has nothing to do with the FB confession epidemic, I really have a confession. I judge books by their cover. I’m trying to retrain my brain but it is so hard. The first thing I see often draws me in or turns me away. So when I saw the cover for A River Moves Forward, I really didn’t know what to expect. I love city skylines and the cover for A River Moves Forward has a beautiful one displayed in conjunction with a calm and unwinding waterfront. It all gave me a sense of ease.

 Looking back on it now, the cover is very misleading. A River Moves Forward is anything but calm. I was on a roller coaster of emotions almost from the beginning. Author Selena Haskins gives the reader an inside view of life as most of us have never experienced it. It’s a time period piece, something else I am hesitant about. After reading this novel, I have changed my mind about that also. She made everything seem so relatable, you forget that it takes place in the 1970’s. I began reminiscing about the music that my parents would play around the house, which solidified my bond with the characters.

Cabrini Green Housing Projects is the location that most of the most heart wrenching events occur. I’ve never lived in, “The Projects” but Selena Haskins made me feel like I had. I’ve never had a sibling strung out on drugs, but Selena Haskins made me wonder what it would be like. I’ve never been beaten but Selena Haskins made me realize how blessed I have been.

 A River Moves Forward is by far more than just a nice cover, it will take you on a journey of ups and downs. You’ll be sad and happy. Anger will cause your face to blush and teenage love will make you remember those innocent days.

I would definitely recommend this book!

 The Bee Count: 9

 1-3 Bee’s => Sorry I read it

4-5 Bee’s=> I found watching paint dry more exciting

6-7 Bee’s=> Congrats on Publishing a book

8 Bee’s => Very Good Book, Would Recommend it!

 9 Bee’s=>Extremely Glad I read It!! Can’t wait to talk about it on my Internet Radio Show (City of the Guardians Blog Talk Radio.com)

10 Bee’s=> I can’t breath, I want more, RIGHT NOW!

 Bee L. Kirk, Author of City of the Guardians: Introducing Alex Honor


Author Selena Haskins information:




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