I know how to Restart the Government Shutdown

It’s yours…

I’ve written my entire life, minus the first few days after my birth. I love to write, and share My opinions. No harm, now foul because everybody has one or at least they should. The wonderful thing about opinions is the fact that they are all original. Now your opinion may sound like someone else’s but it’s not. It came from your experiences, your trials, and life through your eyes. There’s not another human on this earth who has observed  all the sights and sounds that you have. No other soul has participated in every conversation you’ve been a part of, ect. Therefore, your opinion and his opinion and her opinion and my opinion are all organic, give or take.

It’s not personal…

So here’s my opinion on why Democrats and Republicans don’t agree….on anything.

Red and Blue, Blue and Red, Donkey, Elephant, Left, Right, Wealthy, Poor, Middle Class, Man or Woman, Educated, Uneducated, Religious or not…Black or White?

They don’t and won’t agree because each party believes and comes from different places, backgrounds and levels of knowledge. Neither nor either being wrong or right. So why don’t they just agree to disagree and agree to do what’s best for mankind, you know, the thing that would benefit people the most.

Because that would bring them back to square 1, which is no where.

Walks of Life..

How can a child who’s never had a new pair of shoes, is being raised by his grand parents and sees crackheads on a daily basis believe he/she will one day go to Harvard? If they’ve never been exposed to something, how can they know it exist? If no one tells them that they can achieve great things and this is how to reach that goal, how do they know what to do?

I have another question…If I have never been judged by the color of my skin or texture of my hair, how can I know what it’s like to be discriminated against. If I’ve never had to worry about getting a job because somebody knows somebody who knows somebody who will hire me whether I finish college or not, why would I care about the employment line?

My opinion is that every Democrat and Republican should spend a day in the shoes of the people they DON”T represent. Live the lives of the people they don’t fight for. Find out why they are passionate about what they believe. Listen to what their reality is. Step from behind your, ‘I’m right, their not’, wall. Give change a chance. We are all the same and different, which is a beautiful thing.

Your different makes my different, novel.

There is an answer to our problems but it lies the midst of an uncomfortable realm which is called someone else’s reality.

Step back and then step up. This is the land of the Brave, we can do this. There’s always a solution or there would be no problems.

Just a Thought…

4 thoughts on “I know how to Restart the Government Shutdown

  1. Perhaps it might help if the amount that could be spent on campaigning was limited so the wealthy don’t have the advantage. Maybe some people from the poorer end of town but with the right ideas could campaign and win and represent everybody.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

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