***Book Review*** for NightLife New York by Travis Luedke

Is it Cheesey…
I sadly anticipated the last page of this book, I just couldn’t wait to write this review!
This was the second Vampire novel I read so it had a lot to live up, of course comparing it to my experience with Twilight. I didn’t feel anything could come close to that series, but I was pleasantly surprised. The cover makes your wondering eye stop and take notice of the figure and background layout. I was kind of expecting something cheesy and revisited.
No Cheese Detected…
But I was instantly connected to the main character, Aaron Pilan. He seemed so relatable, maybe because I used to wait tables and understand what it’s like to want the night to end as quickly as possible, hopefully with a pocket full of 10’s and 20’s. The action starts almost immediately, gently ushering your mind to the explosion of what happens next!
Hurry up eyes and mind, read, read, read. I couldn’t wait to get to the next paragraph, sensing that Author Travis Luedke wouldn’t disappoint. He gives just enough to keep you coming back and then lets you settle down a little bit in order to gain some vital information about the characters Aaron and Michelle.

He takes you there and leaves you wanting more. I couldn’t believe I was so drawn into the characters lives, needs and wants. It was a little scary. Love, passion, otherworldly. Not once did I want to stop reading this book. I can’t wait to get my hands on the next one. I need it ASAP.

I would recommend this book to all book lovers, it’s worth it.

The Bee Count: 9
1-3 Bee’s => Sorry I read it
4-5 Bee’s=> I found watching paint dry more exciting
6-7 Bee’s=> Congrats on Publishing a book
8 Bee’s => Very Good Book, Would Recommend it!
9 Bee’s=>Extremely Glad I read It!! & can’t wait to talk about it on my Internet Radio Show (The Honey Hour, http://www.DFWiradio.com)

10 Bee’s=> I can’t breath, I want more, RIGHT NOW!

Author & Reviewer, Bee L. Kirk

Author Travis Luedke’s Information:



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