***Book Review*** for ‘Bad Parent’ by Dominique Wilkins

I really enjoy reading and reviewing books. I always look forward to learning something new, experiencing a different aspect of life. I’m an avid FB visitor, ie, Book Clubs and the likes so when I seen the title and blurb for ‘Bad Parent’, I downloaded it.

 The title made me feel a certain kind of way, like maybe I could relate to the story because I sometimes feel like I’m not the ”Best” parent in the world. I always feel like I could do better, so I was open to the Authors attempt to relay their message.

 ‘The Bad Parent” by Dominiqe Wilkins is a story about a single mother struggling to work and maintain her sainity while doing it. One of her children is hyper active and suffering from an attention deficent disorder, one that causes him to lose his composure and disrupt his class while at school.

 I expected to read a more intriguing story but was left wanting and questioning the message of the book. It took me a week and half to read the book because it didn’t grab my attention. I finished it because, I never start a book and not read it completely.

 The subject matter could have proved to be a great starting point for a very good conversation but lacked the depth needed to pull the reader in. It always felt like I was being forced to read it, instead of wanting to get to the next page.

 Dominique Wilkins attempt to convey a thought provoking story is note worthy and I would read her work again, but ‘Bad Parent’ didn’t do it for me. I look forward to reading some of her other work.


The Bee Count: 6

 1-3 Bee’s => Sorry I read it

4-5 Bee’s=> I found watching paint dry more exciting

6-7 Bee’s=> Congrats on Publishing a book

8 Bee’s => Very Good Book, Would Recommend it!

9 Bee’s=>Extremely Glad I read It!! & can’t wait to talk about it on my Internet Radio Show (The Honey Hour, http://www.DFWiradio.com)

10 Bee’s=> I can’t breath, I want more, RIGHT NOW!

 Author, Bee L. Kirk

 Author’s Information


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