Allow Me To Introduce You…

New Book!! Take a Moment …thx:)

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My 1st Book…

 I began working on my, now finished book, ‘The City of the Guardians: Introducing Alex Honor’ almost 4 years ago..Ikr…4 years. It’s a long but inspiring story of why it seems I took 4 years to complete a book. This link will catch you up…

Ok, now that you are caught up, you understand why I feel this book is something that I was meant to do.

I’m Anxious…

 I want the world to know about this book and it’s message RIGHT NOW. Patience, I have to remind myself that anything worth having is worth waiting for. So, I will continue my endless effort of emailing, blogging, calling and telling people my books story. I say endless because I will never stop telling the story.

The Entire World…

 My publisher asked me who my target audience was and I knew he was going…

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