Review of ‘Paulie’ by M.A. Myers

Didn’t expect to feel this way…

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First things First…
Let me start off by saying this: I will watch a scary movie every now and again with someone “clutching my pearls”, but I’m not so much into scary books. So, reading ‘Paulie’ by M.A.Mayers was a jump. Not sure what made me want to read it but when I committed, I committed. Needless to say, it was worth it!

The Review…

 In the beginning, I sort of had the sense that it would be ‘Walking Dead’-ish, and was a little apprehensive but I was wrong. I learn something new everyday and and today I learned to not judge a book based on what you think it will be like. This short story was awesome. I am a M.A.Myers fan! The author writes so vividly, giving you every detail even before you think you’ll need it. He thinks ahead of you, for you

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