***Restaurant Review***

***Restaurant Review***
Pollo Salsa
709 W Pioneer Pkwy
Grand PrairieWhile in Grand Prairie, TX yesterday, I decided to have lunch with my youngest but couldn’t decide where to go. A well thought-out sign reading Pollo Salsa caught my eye, so we stopped. There were about 6-7 cars in the parking lot which is a sign that people frequent the restaurant. Once inside, I was greeted by a very nice lady who was patient as I tried to decipher the menu. I love Tex Mex; I am almost sure that I could eat it everyday, so choosing between quesadilla’s or taco’s or burritos are always a daunting task. After about 10 minutes I decided on the Chicken Burrito with a side of Chile Con Queso. I then told her **fajita** chicken instead of the regular, to which she nodded ‘yes’.The tables were clean and the atmosphere, pleasant. My little one and I found a seat and only waited about 5 minutes before it was ready.
The set up was nice: a heaping dollup of guac and sour cream on top of a savory green bed of lettuce only separated by a perfectly ripened red tomato. I couldn’t wait to dig in, but due to my slight OCD-ish tick I had to investigate the inside of the burrito. And to my utter dismay, there was no Fajita Chicken to be found. I said, “I’ll let her make it,” and did not take the food back. They had taken a regular piece of chicken and cut it up, skin and all. I had to pick all the skin, veins, gristle, etc. out of the burrito, which was slowly disgusting me to the point of no return. After I felt I had picked 100% of it out, I folded it back and cut into it. The first bite was…uneventful, like biting air. I told myself “I can make this work.” So, I put a little salt on it and took another bite and I think my heart stopped. I had bitten down on something hard.(UGGGGHHHHH) AND IT WAS STUCK IN BETWEEN TWO OF MY BACK TEETH.
I have never fought the urge to throw up so bad. After dislodging the unknown chicken anatomy from my teeth, I found that it was a piece of gristle I had missed earlier. And the burrito itself had an after taste. The chile con queso was un-enjoyable due to the fact that I was still gagging.
My little one had french frys, which he seemed to enjoyed. The best thing about Pollo Salsa was the Strawberry Fanta drink I had and somehow, it was mediocre.
Total Bill was $12.14

Drive, walk, cycle, or roll past Pollo Salsa.
Bee L. Kirk
The Bee Count: 11-3 Bee’s => Sorry I stopped

4-5 Bee’s=> I found watching paint dry more exciting

6-7 Bee’s=> Congrats on opening a restaurant
8 Bee’s => Very restaurant, Would Recommend it
9Bee’s=>Extremely Glad I stopped!! & can’t wait to talk about it on my Internet Radio Show (The Honey Hour, http://www.DFWiradio.com)
10 Bee’s=> I can’t breath, I want more, RIGHT NOW!

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