Allow Me To Introduce You…

My 1st Book…

 I began working on my, now finished book, ‘The City of the Guardians: Introducing Alex Honor’ almost 4 years ago..Ikr…4 years. It’s a long but inspiring story of why it seems I took 4 years to complete a book. This link will catch you up…

Ok, now that you are caught up, you understand why I feel this book is something that I was meant to do.

I’m Anxious…

 I want the world to know about this book and it’s message RIGHT NOW. Patience, I have to remind myself that anything worth having is worth waiting for. So, I will continue my endless effort of emailing, blogging, calling and telling people my books story. I say endless because I will never stop telling the story.

The Entire World…

 My publisher asked me who my target audience was and I knew he was going to ask this. So, I told him the truth. EVERYbody. The entire world has experienced a nudge or quiet whisper. Everyone has experienced that little voice that says, ‘Don’t go there today or slow down’. Everyone……

The City of the Guardians gives you the opportunity to see what those little whispers and nudges look like and what they really think about us.

                   *****FYI: THIS IS NOT A CHILDREN’S BOOK******

 Here are some of the Guardians in the story:


Description of the Guardian named Stilo:

He represents Strength & is 6’8 / 251 lbs.

He is the one who whispers ‘You can do it, don’t give up, keep going’


Description of the Guardian named Rip:

He represents RAGE & is 6’8 / 250lbs.

He is the one whispering ‘Kill, Hurt, Destroy’


“Warm greetings, I understand and am sorry for any pain or disappointment you have experienced. I am here though. I come to ease the burden of life.”

My name is Cadence and I am your compassion.



Description of the Guardian named Hurl:

He represents Hate & is 6’2 / 230 lbs.

He is the one who whispers ‘Don’t you hate your body?, you’ll never be perfect, I hate every race on this planet, except mine’


Description of the Guardian named Mica:

He represents Mercy.

He is 6’1 and has Solid White Hair that is always blowing.

He whispers ‘Forgive them, you’ve been forgiven before, give them another chance’


City of the Guardians: Introducing Alex Honor is available at the links below:


Barnes and Noble:


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